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Busy but fun. I have students in my workshop every day, with amazing own projects. I don’t just tech them, but sometimes learn from them. Well.. maybe you don’t wait this sentence from me, but I consider myself humble enough to recognize talented people. So.. Let me introduce Kristiana Rada here! She spent two weeks in my workshop, and I can tell: never seen anyone with so much energy, and creativity. OK, She is a professional shoe designer, so creativity is something what you would wait from her, but making a whole collection one night – that is something, no? Here are two works she finished in these days. Good work Kristiana!

Sandal prototype one.

Sandals and their creator (with a tiny little help)

Did I mention that I never made sandals? Not a big deal, just a perfectly different technique.. interesting stuff.

Worn by the designer/maker

Students in action – Jeff form the United States and Jon from Canada. Fighting with traditional pattern-lines. Let me quote Jon: “demanding” (that’s probably me 🙂 )

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