Statistics was never my best subject, but as Youtube does it for me, why shouldn’t I post?

This is not a surprise. I was sure that you guys in Alaska love shoes.. 😉

As I see spinning stitch didn’t generate so intensive interest.. 🙂

If a company’s income would grow like this..

I guess this just doesn’t mean anything.. or a least: cannot be exact.

Daily visits – sometimes more than 1000 per day – not bad from a shoemaker, hmm?:

2 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. I hope this question makes sense 😉
    Other than the fact that we made a high heel women’s shoe in my first class, and the men’s level 1 makes a man’s shoe, how much real different is there in the construction/assembly processes of the two? I mean, they are both cement construction, yes? In men’s level one, did you make the heel or use a ready made one? I am still wondering if I should be taking men’s level 1 rather than 2, even though I completed the high heel class?

    In other words what would I learn in Men’s Level 1, that I did not learn in the High Heel Class, that I would need to know before taking Men’s level 2 (for which I am registered already!)

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