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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

So how it works with the apprentices? I will be honest – I am a hard teacher. We become good friends after the course, but definitely not before or during. I keep important to “build them up” – make a personality who is able to get training to be a shoemaker. I have my methods – the same ones I had been trained plenty (sometimes I feel too many) years ago. They must accept it – the world is not a friendly place for us anymore. No tools, no supplies and no technical support out there.

So how do apprenticeship courses go?

You have to come to experience it, but the main phases usually: arriving, realizing your real knowledge level, practice, practice, practice, realizing that you must work harder, practice, practice, practice, first shoes ready, start a new one (pushing up the bar higher), work harder, practice, practice, practice, realizing that you are still not there what you thought at arriving, the after a lot of work, loosing ego you get a second pair, which looks like a shoe from far, in a dark room.. 🙂 actually depends on a student, but I can tell: shoemaking just seems easy, it is not… but worth to learn.


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