I Do

I do: – make shoes and boots – teach students – make educational videos and photo series – keep courses – enjoy the scent of the workshop every single morning – wake up at 6 am to answer mails – have good friends all over the world because of shoemaking – continue my apprenticeship program… Read More


I have just seen a video about handmade shoes, claiming that the factory makes them handmade. OK – DOES SOMEONE REALLY BELIEVE THAT THOSE SHOES ARE HANDMADE WITH THOSE DAMN HUGE, NOISY MACHINES? Come on. We, traditional shoemakers created and built the image of “handmade”. How come that people accept to use it from factories?… Read More

Teaching a Craft

I heard a story about someone, who took a one week course in shoe making and started to teach. I really think that a craft worth much more than this, and it shouldn’t be allowed to anyone to teach.  You must understand my point: this is a dieing craft. Our traditions are fading away, knowledge… Read More

About Myself

I feel that I should answer some questions. Am I a hard teacher? I don’t think so. Not that much. “Demanding” – that is true. But please.. People come to learn the traditional way of shoemaking. There is no time and room for mistakes, or they don’t learn. And… usually ALL leaves happy. Isn’t it… Read More