About Myself

I feel that I should answer some questions.

Am I a hard teacher?

I don’t think so. Not that much. “Demanding” – that is true. But please.. People come to learn the traditional way of shoemaking. There is no time and room for mistakes, or they don’t learn. And… usually ALL leaves happy. Isn’t it a proof?

Do everybody finish the course?

Of course not. But tell me a good school, where everybody does! Just one! And: I never send people away.  You leave when you want, when you give up. Up to you.. or you can stay and fight for the knowledge. Practice practice. Again: I am demanding.

Will you make good shoes after the course all alone?

Most probably not immediately. But if you stay, you will surely be prepared to not give up. You will be able to fight to learn. If you survive me, you survive the difficulties.

Isn’t it possibile to learn Shoemaking in a nice way?

No. Not in weeks, and not from me. But you have plenty ther choices (or not?).

Will you be humiliated as a student?

Surely not… but pushing down your self confidence back to the real level – that can hurt. Then you ca learn and prove for me, and for yourself.

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