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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

I do:

– make shoes and boots

– teach students

– make educational videos and photo series

– keep courses

– enjoy the scent of the workshop every single morning

– wake up at 6 am to answer mails

– have good friends all over the world because of shoemaking

– continue my apprenticeship program

– ALL I can do to preserve my craft

I don’t:

– care anymore facebook or twitter or any other site – which are great, but… stealing my time from shoes

– continue Student Community on Facebook. 78 members looks lame, compared to “10.000 members before…” style ones. Not anymore.

– answer one sentence mails asking about my prices of my shoes

– pick or continue any fight on forums

– become a member of new forums, sites, web2.0 pages… whatever.

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