I Do

I do:

– make shoes and boots

– teach students

– make educational videos and photo series

– keep courses

– enjoy the scent of the workshop every single morning

– wake up at 6 am to answer mails

– have good friends all over the world because of shoemaking

– continue my apprenticeship program

– ALL I can do to preserve my craft

I don’t:

– care anymore facebook or twitter or any other site – which are great, but… stealing my time from shoes

– continue Student Community on Facebook. 78 members looks lame, compared to “10.000 members before…” style ones. Not anymore.

– answer one sentence mails asking about my prices of my shoes

– pick or continue any fight on forums

– become a member of new forums, sites, web2.0 pages… whatever.

6 thoughts on “I Do

  1. Personally I don’t like facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. I have blogged for years on LiveJournal, where there are adults and other intelligent readers/bloggers. That’s where I have posted about my progress, such as it is, in shoemaking, and have put up photos of work that isn’t too embarrassing (smile). If we wanted to have a shoemaking community other than the Crispin (which is OK but too full of experts who have forgotten what it is like to be a beginner) I would put it on LiveJournal. Meanwhile…keep up the amazing good work, Marcel. You are a true inspiration to those of us just starting out on this path.

    1. Dear Athan,

      Thanks! I think you sould stay and keep posting in HCC. People are different. On the other hand anybody is much less mean than me there, so.. 🙂 why not? You must handle the critics also. (mine will be worst)

      1. Are you mean, really? I don’t think so, Marcel. Tough and no-nonsense in your teaching, but that’s how you were taught, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It is true that getting answers to questions can be helpful–but it’s also helpful to have to struggle a bit on one’s own until the answer reveals itself by trial and error in the work. When you finally see *why* you have been making a certain error, and *how* to fix it–that’s pure gold. Just being told how to do it, but not why–you don’t learn as well that way! I won’t give up, never fear. It’s too much fun making shoes, even if the ones I’m making right now are badly sewn. I’m learning with each pair.

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