Portland Course

So I already mentioned that I will travel to Portland, where I will teach a small self-organized group. Here is a poster they created for this course – I must admit, I never had this professional graphic work, promoting my work.

By the way – I believe all spots are full, but there is a waiting list in case of they will move the course to a bigger facility, or some students cancel it. Anyway: if you drop me a line, I will contact you Julie, who organized this course.


1. We still have 1-2 spots for the June Courses in New York. Details:


2. It is sure now, that I go to Portland, Oregon this August to keep a course for a small community. They organized themselves, invited me, so I go. I believe they have ONE open spot (and due the limited facility only one – be quick)

contact me: info@ koronya.com

3. I work on a comprehensive guide for beginner shoemakers on DVD. I would need some feedback, if you would buy it. I have two versions in my mind:

A. one DVD with a short introduction from everything: pattern making, upper making, cemented construction

B. two-three DVDs about the same.

Comments are highly appreciated!

Making the Black Oxford

Every shoe is a new challenge, a new adventure… at least in bespoke business. My customers have special demands – that’s why they come to me, right? Most of them very regular, perfectly healthy feet, but they want to have something better, they can get in stores, ready made. The recently posted black oxford was one of these products. I know a lot of ways to finish a shoe, form a heel and a sole, and far not tried every combination. So, this time I tried something which is very special, and specific to old masters work. Certainly every small step to perfection cause extra hours of work – but who can say, it doesn’t worth it?

Here are some pictures about the making process.