Portland Course

So I already mentioned that I will travel to Portland, where I will teach a small self-organized group. Here is a poster they created for this course – I must admit, I never had this professional graphic work, promoting my work. By the way – I believe all spots are full, but there is a… Read More

Making the Black Oxford

Every shoe is a new challenge, a new adventure… at least in bespoke business. My customers have special demands – that’s why they come to me, right? Most of them very regular, perfectly healthy feet, but they want to have something better, they can get in stores, ready made. The recently posted black oxford was… Read More

Courses – UPDATED!

So, here is the final schedule of the June course in NYC. No further changes will occur, I promise. 🙂 Men’s shoe making course – Level I. Duration: June 14th – 18th (5-day course) Tuition fee: 1495.00 USD Program: making a pair of cemented men’s shoe Men’s shoe making course – Level II. Duration: June 21th – 25th… Read More