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  1. I just do what the video people tell me! No, I don’t measure with the insole on. Actually, there was a bunch of stuff in there I don’t actually do.

    1. I know Rick. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to those video guys in these questions. I also made a lot of videos – not as professional as yours – but I was very specific, what I do and what not. You are a good shoemaker, with a lot of technical knowlege – these small mistakes, stereotypes of our craft, directed by an amateur (who is apparently a professional in video recording – are not good for your reputation. Maybe not everybody will ask you, why you do this, just judge.

  2. That’s a good point! I didn’t think of that.

    This guy found me and was making the video to highlight his skill as a video guy. So I was thinking more about getting him the mood he was looking for than about representing myself or the craft.

    In retrospect, I could have been more careful to give a true representation.

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