1. We still have 1-2 spots for the June Courses in New York. Details:

2. It is sure now, that I go to Portland, Oregon this August to keep a course for a small community. They organized themselves, invited me, so I go. I believe they have ONE open spot (and due the limited facility only one – be quick)

contact me: info@

3. I work on a comprehensive guide for beginner shoemakers on DVD. I would need some feedback, if you would buy it. I have two versions in my mind:

A. one DVD with a short introduction from everything: pattern making, upper making, cemented construction

B. two-three DVDs about the same.

Comments are highly appreciated!

9 thoughts on “News

  1. What will you be teaching in Portland, Oregon?? Please let me know soon. I might be able to travel by then!

  2. i would definitely buy the DVDs. If version B is more detailed, I would buy that one. I am very interested in pattern making.

    Please come to California soon (I don’t care where, I will travel to learn from you) or Portland again after August. I would make sure to be there. Thank you.

  3. Just read, that you were going to make a DVD on Cement Construction & would like feedback on the idea. Think it is a wonderful idea. Think it would be have two DVDs.
    Also a book/booklet to go with it. What sort of patterns
    would you include?

    Are you planning a series of ‘Construction’ DVDS including
    Welt, Norwegian welt, etc, A booklet with each would be nice
    as you have a reference in front of your eyes. Also useful if
    you have measurements, to have it quickly at hand than
    keep replaying DVD.

  4. I am attending the High Heel course in NY this month. I think you should do a DVD course on women’s High heel, Flats, sandals. I would buy it in a heart beat! And I know people that will too. Also you can sell the lasts and books with it. There is not much instructional material on shoe making and even less on woman wear. I’m very exited about the course !!

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