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And it needs a post… So things haven’t changed that much here. A few new stores, a few closed ones, many people (still too crowded and overwhelming for me), but something remarkable thing is new for me: I got mot and more students to my courses. Some of them are coming back! Unbeliaveble concerning my teaching style… πŸ™‚

Anyway – if you need compliments, you will surely find some other courses, please do not choose my ones. This not what you are searching for. But.. I really mean my compliments, if I give some. (I dont’t :D).

So far so good. Today we made a lot of practice with the last, the lasting pliers, etc. Every day is a bit more difficult than the previous one – I always warn the students about it, and they admit it at the end… and finish a nice pair. All of them (if they don’t leave before the end). Tomorrow we jump into the middle: our uppers will start to form a real shoe.
I will keep you posted.
No, I don’t have any camera with me.

A photo from the last year course:

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