I am in New York!

And it needs a post… So things haven’t changed that much here. A few new stores, a few closed ones, many people (still too crowded and overwhelming for me), but something remarkable thing is new for me: I got mot and more students to my courses. Some of them are coming back! Unbeliaveble concerning my teaching style… 🙂

Anyway – if you need compliments, you will surely find some other courses, please do not choose my ones. This not what you are searching for. But.. I really mean my compliments, if I give some. (I dont’t :D).

So far so good. Today we made a lot of practice with the last, the lasting pliers, etc. Every day is a bit more difficult than the previous one – I always warn the students about it, and they admit it at the end… and finish a nice pair. All of them (if they don’t leave before the end). Tomorrow we jump into the middle: our uppers will start to form a real shoe.
I will keep you posted.
No, I don’t have any camera with me.

A photo from the last year course:

3 thoughts on “I am in New York!

  1. Yes, you do give compliments, Marcel, when you mean them! You gave me one about my high heel drawings and I was thrilled! Don’t be so down on your teaching style, it is serious & focused and that is what people are paying for. If they want jokes & easy stuff they can go somewhere else, no?

  2. I am now taking my 3rd class in High heel shoe making and I must say it has been an amazing experience. But don’t get confused, its HARD work you will appreciate shoe making in a completely different level. I bleed in my first class trying to nail the leather but like anything else it takes practice to perfect any skill. This class will be hands on-right to the point-no BS-Hells kitchen style reality show-work shop! (I’m kidding about the Hell’s kitchen) Just don’t expect Marcell to be the Randy Jackson he is more of a Simon Cowell kind of guy 😉

    Anyways I recommend this course for anyone that wants to know how shoes are REALLY made. Reka Vago is amazing and helpful, she has done beautiful designs and is an amazing source for industry knowledge. I wish I had the opportunity to do the Shoe Prototype Design course for next week but I will be on the look out for more courses and DVD”s! 

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