Shoe Making DVD 1. Coming Soon

I just wanted to mention that we cut 1:38 from my my first shoe making DVD! Still some minutes missing, but today we will record everything. Reconsidering the target market: I think it is more convenient for intermediate level, more than beginner, but I think it is good for everyone, who tries to make footwear.… Read More

Moccasin finished

So here is the result: the ready made product – a prototype, which soon goes to production, so my customers can choose it also. Plenty details left to be decided, but – I can’T tell why – I just love this construction. This version became quite comfy and casual in the same time, I believe… Read More

Portland Course updates

So, here again, preparing the next course – this time in Portland. As it was announced, we will start with a Men Shoe Making Course – level 1., but in the same time girls (or actually anyone) can choose lady’s shoes. My idea was make PP 42 for men, and PP 38 for woman, but… Read More

New York – Part Two

Level two students in actions. Reka Vago in action. She kept some really good presentations and a whole course later. Students again. Will you recognize the ready made shoes everybody’s hand? Yes, they did. (except us, lazy teachers) And the final product of the level 2 course.