DVD Premiere: 20th of September

Sorry Guys. I am not happy to announce this, but.. even the 2 hours video is ready, I just can’t write them before I go to Portland because of some technical difficulties. I tried what I could, but 2 hours is a bit much for my poor equipped computer, so I need to get new softwares, or hire someone. Anyway, I accept pre-orders and I promise to fulfill them as soon as it gets ready.

Good news: I will present a version in Portland, projected onto the wall. Better than nothing, but at least I am there and we make shoes!

Shoe Making DVD 1. Coming Soon

I just wanted to mention that we cut 1:38 from my my first shoe making DVD! Still some minutes missing, but today we will record everything. Reconsidering the target market: I think it is more convenient for intermediate level, more than beginner, but I think it is good for everyone, who tries to make footwear. Coming soon.

Moccasin finished

So here is the result: the ready made product – a prototype, which soon goes to production, so my customers can choose it also. Plenty details left to be decided, but – I can’T tell why – I just love this construction.

This version became quite comfy and casual in the same time, I believe I will make it a bit more dress-like.

Other Projects – A Moccasin

When I came back from New York, somehow I had the’ fixa idea’ that I want to make a moccasin. So I teached Melinda (my pattern designer and apprentice) how to make the pattern (not easy at all, I can tell you), and we started a moccasin project. Here is the first few pics about the result.

Design Video in Progress (with a lot of fun)

I have a request from a department store for a design video, and anyway I wanted to post something like that for a long time, so in the weekend we started to work on it, with Réka Vágó, my very talented designer friend. I have just finished the editing of the first part (soon I will post), but let me show you some “behind the scenes” pics. You can guess – we had fun.

Apparently my workshop is very dusty place. (not)

Réka is adjusting the camera, till I am trying to hide my face

Did I mention that Réka is the biggest poser?

I will come back soon with some more serious topic. Sometimes I make fun too. Unbelievable hmm?