Other Projects – A Moccasin

When I came back from New York, somehow I had the’ fixa idea’ that I want to make a moccasin. So I teached Melinda (my pattern designer and apprentice) how to make the pattern (not easy at all, I can tell you), and we started a moccasin project. Here is the first few pics about the result.

7 thoughts on “Other Projects – A Moccasin

  1. Nice shoes !!

    But what is fun , is that decoration. It’s the same that Marie did on her ballerinas!

    Tell my greetings to Melinda and Erika!

  2. I just read your moving post on “How I became a shoemaker” completely by chance. I respect you hugely for your determination to revive a great craft tradition. It is a union of Art & Technology, definitely a higher calling than being a cog in the corporate machine.

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