2012 Lasts

So, this is the next project. I love lasts – I have a bunch of old ones (now they are all overused, so good for decoration, and admire the old times’ masters accuracy), and plenty new. I must confess: sometimes I order a whole run, but when they arrive after a week I realize, that I have something else in my mind to make.. So they go the the selves to rest. Or maybe some students will love them and we make a deal. Anyway, I found some huge boxes of old lasts at a corner. (OK, OK, I found them, right?) I remember 3 years ago I put them there, but I didn’t like any of them so much, but now – I found an amazing middle-heel one. So sophisticated, so anatomically exact (well, some explanation: the old ones made the arch shape a bit different – some ladies just love those).

So, get to the point: I created a new one. I worked days on it (not continuously, but I went back sometimes, but an edge here… then remove again.. the put it back.. then make them smooth.. then sharp again… and so on. Finally I made the “RTW 2012 Last”. I played with the idea, that I call it apocalypse, but not. I will find some more simple name. For obvious reasons I will just posts pics about the prototype.

On the tube: I got something fantastic this week! A riding boot, made ENTIRELY (Yes, uppers, too! If you know anything about the CRAFT, you know why it is a big word) by hand. Amazing piece. Pictures comes soon.

New Module in the Koronya Shoemaking School

Well, it is pretty exiting. I met with a traditional last-maker (the one of the very few left in the country) and made an agreement with him – so… from the next year I can send 2 students in a month for 3 days for an extra apprenticeship course to his workshop to learn a bit from lastmaking and make a pair of bespoke last from themself. More info will come soon.

Wikipedia – Shoemaking

Ah yes. Search for it! Then check the end:

Yes. It was me, after plenty times of editing this article about my craft. Some … admin feels right to delete my link with a  7 minutes film which is pure shoemaking, and tells more about this craft than their poor description. I don’t understand why? INtellectual Property is not an issue – I made those films, I work on them. Business? Come on! Tim’s book (with all respect) is about selling those books, right?

Now it looks like this:

Crazy isn’t it? It happened when I was typing this post.

Now let’s see what you can learn from wikipedia about shoemaking:

“Current crafters may use used car tire tread as a cheap alternative to creating soles” – well, I would not call them crafters, and I wouldn’t mention it in a post, titled “shoemaking”

Furs wrapped around feet” – Hey guys! Was it the most relevant thing what you could collect from shoemaking? Really? Maybe you should have watch that video before you deleted it!


“Most shoemakers use a last—made traditionally of iron or wood” – no dear editors. WE DON’T USE IRON LASTS. Mistake.

“Some lasts are straight, while curved lasts come in pairs: one for left shoes, the other for right shoes” – wow! one for left and the other one…. guess…. for the right! Bravo! A real essay about shoemaking!

I gave up with wikipedia.