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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

Hard to believe, but you can collect some negative feelings even if you work f’n hard to protect and preserve a traditional craft, putting your whole life on it, spending 24 hours thinking about it, teaching, writing, blogging and videotaping it.

You know what? I am actually glad that I have haters – I prefer having these guys, than people, who are sorry about me. Just show me one successful brand/person who doesn’t have any. They are everywhere, they need to hate someone, feel that they ar better, know something better, superior.

You know what? You are. You speak better English – no doubt about it, you live in a country, which is far more rich than my one, you can get much fancier products than me, etc. I am only a shoemaker, with some tradition and background, which doesn’t make me better than anyone, who is just started learning this craft, but I promise: I won’t bitch you, like you do to me, behind my back – as my grandfather always said: let your work speak, instead of you.

Haters! Write me stupid mails, like you do every week, give me wortless comments, and try to change people’s mind to cooperate with me – you can’t make my image worst anyway, you actually work on it. Thanks!

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