No Problem

Don’t worry guys, I don’t have any serious trouble – my last post was just for those people, who piss me off with their behaviour (surely not directly to me).

So let’s not forget about those students, who somehow survived my courses and made the first stept in learning this craft – congratulation guys! Continue like this, with this attitude, being loyal to your CRAFT, and to the grumpy master who taught you.

2 thoughts on “No Problem

  1. It’s great that someone like you exists to learn us a beautifull craft on the traditional way! I see, when I look around that I miss it here very much! It must be stay, because te shoes shows realy more than “just it are shoes”.

    And keep by the words from your grandfather: “let your work speak, instead of you” because your work says more!

    A lot of respect! Thanks to Koronya I learned this beautiful craft!

  2. I want to buy your DVD when it’s ready. I must tell you that I searched around looking for instruction, and I found your videos posted to youtube, how to make a shoe, and I watched them over and over again, trying to see everything I could about the process. It took me months to collect most of the necessary tools to make a shoe, but finally was able to put it all together simply because of your video posted out there. That’s the best instruction I ever got, and I appreciate it tremendously. Now I have been making shoes for less than a year, and am getting better and developing more patience each time I make a new pair. I even made a pair for my boy, and he thought they were comfortable, even after wearing tennis shoes all his ten years, his first traditional shoe. Thanks. Some day, years down the road maybe I will be able to take some instruction from you in person, but in the meantime a video will suffice.

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