Youtube stats again


– 732 thousand views

– almost everyone watch them from the beginning to the end (except the spinning sticth one – I kind of understand..:).

– half of the downloads came from last october (some videos are on for 3 years)

– Somehow I attract 45-54 people.

“Being in a Grimm’s Fairytale” – interview with Aimee Taylor

This interview came out a few month ago, and gave me a hard time if I want to hear about it anymore. Let me quote some sentences:

“He would throw our work on the ground and tell us to make it again, but then not tell us what he didn’t like about it”

Comment: maybe I did. 🙂 But I believe they were only crap pieces to practices. I would never throw a shoe on the ground.

“It was torture. He’s a maniac.”

Yeah… maybe a bit particular about details..

“He was taught in a communist school— a two-year program which started when he was 14. He believes that shoe making needs to be taught the same way he learned. I disagree, but I complied.”

I never went to any communist school, we had socialism that time. Anyway the school was traditional so nothing to do with any politics, only traditions, which was much more mean than any idealistic political party, including communists.

Anyway, a whole interview is here.


Moron 2.

My youtube “fan”: “stop talking bs and change the tittle of your video to ” how shoes are made” because your video is not a tutorial!!!!!!! ” How to make a shoe – Part 1.” sounds objectively, directly like a tutorial, and you end up misleading people because YOU’RE NOT TEACHING ANYONE ANYTHING! why is it so hard to understand it, you serene highness? Use merit in order to get atention! No reply necessary!!!!!”

The answer (which I felt inevitably necessary):


1: You and no other nameless internet troll will not tell me what should I do, reply or not.

2: I didn’t ask your opinion, especially if you can’t express yourself like a cultured human being – politely.

3: I teach hundred people every year personally and inform thousand more every year with videos like these.

4: Internet means you are free to choose what you look what you don’t – if you don’t like these videos, it is so easy: just don’t watch them.”

I believe there won’t be “Moron 3”, because I stopped unapproved comments on my youtube channel. This guy still tries to make more, but this story ended.

News from the workshop

1. We set up a room for last store, as I had to find a better organized solution. We had place now for many hundreds lasts.

2. I soon start a goyser from scotch grain, a brlack oxford, and a suede shoes. Next ones will be pretty interesting: elephant and cordovan. Plenty orders.

3. We have changed a few machines, which will arrive next week. A brand new Fortuna skiver, a Pfaff 491 and her old mate a Pfaff 34 for broughing. I have to make space for them, which is not an easy job. I need to say au revoir for a few old friends for while, what they will spend in a basement.

4. I designed two more last, which are at the last factory to make series from them to the 2012 RTW models. Nobody can claim that we are not in time. 🙂

5. I designed 2 models for the No.9. last. Hooooot. I think I will wear them.

6. We will set up 1 new website soon and renew 2 more.

7. And the best news: the DVD tutorial is in the finish. I only need to add the audio commentary and we are ready.

We are not bored here.

ps. I could put my hand to some beautiful ballerina last.