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I have plenty questions about courses, shoemaking which – certainly – I answer, but maybe you wanna talk about it with fellow makers or mates, who worked and learnt in my workshop. Here you can. Join this community, and ask, talk, listen, share.. SHOEMAKER’S FACEBOOK COMMUNITY

Youtube stats again

SO: – 732 thousand views – almost everyone watch them from the beginning to the end (except the spinning sticth one – I kind of understand..:). – half of the downloads came from last october (some videos are on for 3 years) – Somehow I attract 45-54 people.

Moron 2.

My youtube “fan”: “stop talking bs and change the tittle of your video to ” how shoes are made” because your video is not a tutorial!!!!!!! ” How to make a shoe – Part 1.” sounds objectively, directly like a tutorial, and you end up misleading people because YOU’RE NOT TEACHING ANYONE ANYTHING! why is… Read More