Wikipedia 2.

Recently I went back to check the wikipedia about shoemaking. Before I gave up I extended the post about the techniques we use. (I am a master shoemaker, so I believe I know something about it – sorry for not being humble).

So, my version (2nd paragraph on the screenshot):

But… unfortunately…

Too much personal opinion and needs verification… 🙂

I have a question: how the hell they make ANYTHING on wikipedia? It is worst (and much quicker) than bureaucracy in socialism.

One thought on “Wikipedia 2.

  1. Truely, a ‘Master Shoemaker/Craftsmen’. Wouldn’t even a ‘Master’ of anything..still have a few favourite techniques or styles & use them most of the time. It would be nice to have greater options to change or adapt things …if the case need to be.

    As for ‘Wikipedia’ ..guess the way of the future. There is a lot of rubbish amongst the ‘hidden treasure’. Unfortunately,
    it is not always accurate . In ‘today’s society’, things & technology at such a tremendous can not have time find out if all the information is accurate. Anyone can contribute to it. Not like the ‘Britannica’ which all the referrence is checked but was so ‘dated’ by the time it came out in print. Love it or leave is we have today.

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