A new last as an end of an old project

So, the story started quite much time ago: I asked, asked and practically begged for my last suppliers for a certain type of last I had in my mind – I drawn them, photoshopped, existing models, but I never got back the right result. It is hard to explain: like seeing someone at the first time and fall in love. Maybe it doesn’t happen, but some other, special moments – you know: you are in love. Unfortunately it didn’t happen with those lasts. I don’t want to mention how much I spent on this project – new orders, new ebay acquisitions, etc.. So I gave up with last makers – I started to make it on my own – by hand. I asked a rough shape from the local maker and started to shape. After many screwed shapes, I put the thing down to the table from my hand, and I was sure: this is the ONE. I made it.

You know why it is interesting? People will never realize the difference between this and some of my regular models, Elongated toe – elongated toe – all the same, right? But this is something special for me . I will soon make a shoe on it and post pictures. I mean within a year.. 🙂

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