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This is something not to miss in Hungary, especially if you are interested in getting the old world’s relics, bargaining on things which are good for nothing – except if you need some new items catching the dust in your home. Anyway, the reason I attend the market is simple: students. They wanted to see it, so I brought them there (public transport is really complicated). Then.. as I am there anyway, I looked around. Sometimes I could find really good collection of old tools, and old shoes. Today I have seen a blake stitched pair from the early 50’s. They seemed like someone just tried them on once or twice. in that time, communism (later: socialism) forced independent, and skilled masters to unify in government owned companies (called: termelőszövetkezet), where they got a minimal salary and suppose to make the same high level job – for the COMMUNITY. .. where everybody is equal. Some people even more equal btw.. ( thanks Mr.  Orwell)

Anyway – I didn’t find any name, any signature, only some “red star” something, which is pretty sad. Rest in peace old master who couldn’t write your name to your masterpiece. We keep your legacy safe.

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