News from the workshop

1. We set up a room for last store, as I had to find a better organized solution. We had place now for many hundreds lasts.

2. I soon start a goyser from scotch grain, a brlack oxford, and a suede shoes. Next ones will be pretty interesting: elephant and cordovan. Plenty orders.

3. We have changed a few machines, which will arrive next week. A brand new Fortuna skiver, a Pfaff 491 and her old mate a Pfaff 34 for broughing. I have to make space for them, which is not an easy job. I need to say au revoir for a few old friends for while, what they will spend in a basement.

4. I designed two more last, which are at the last factory to make series from them to the 2012 RTW models. Nobody can claim that we are not in time. 🙂

5. I designed 2 models for the No.9. last. Hooooot. I think I will wear them.

6. We will set up 1 new website soon and renew 2 more.

7. And the best news: the DVD tutorial is in the finish. I only need to add the audio commentary and we are ready.

We are not bored here.

ps. I could put my hand to some beautiful ballerina last.

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