Some news – OK, big ones.

So, let’s start with the most important one:

There will be no course in New York in March, but…

But let’s start with the explanation. I never felt comfortable with those courses: the environment was always so professional – I mean I rented a place, but it never looked like a workshop, which could have been inspiring students. When you enter a real workshop, you feel the scent of leather old wood furniture, lasts, the glue, the smoky shoemaker’s wax, and so on.. Even a nice airconditioned room in New York just miss these things. And… The professional places, like art and industrial schools are a bit.. how to say… lazy in answering mails. Sorry guys. There won’t be Koronya course in New York in the next year. I wish I could post some change, but most probably I won’t.

.. but I have some positive, good news!

There will be a course every month… in HUNGARY, in my own traditional, sweet workshop, which is OK accomodate 5-6 people without any problem. If you decide to book a ticket now, you can get really cheap rates:

There is not needed to mention that the prices (accommodation, food, transportation, etc.) are much-much cheaper than in the States, and there are extra possibilities, what I can insert to the program, like field trips to last makers, tanneries, leather stores, etc. We can combine the intensity of the NYC courses with working experience in a real, operating workshop.

We can keep your expenses lower, so you get more for less (or same – up to you). Anyway: until now the course was 1500 USD for 5 days, now I offer a 9 days course for the same, including a complimentary 2 hours video, some limited choice in models and sizes, and possibility to get some tools and supplies (uppers, lasts) at a special student price. And don’t forget: this country is beautiful, foods are tasty and healthy, and not to mention you can spend almost two weeks in the hearth of Europe, the capital of crafts.


So, the big news:


First Intensive Apprenticeship Program in Budapest, Hungary, 5-13 March

9 days continuous shoemaking, We make a cemented construction derby, all hand made and finished. More info comes soon. Stay tuned.


And some pictures as appetizer for Hungary:

An upcoming Finnish shoemaker – Antti

I must admit: finnish shoemaker students are in the first line in terms of quality and humbleness to the Craft. Here is a good example: Antti, who just left my course. Look at those nice English welted shoes!

A closer look..

And his products: a black wholecut (all student start with that), a brown oxford and a bespoke last for himself. Not bad in a month, hmm?

And the whole group.

And.. this is last no. 2012

So this is the “famous” last which I mentioned before. This is the form, what I just couldn’t describe enough to last designers and makers – most probably it was my fault, but anyway – they are here… I mean the shoes I made on them first.

A short description about the shoes: crust leather (with serious amount of antiquing on it), English welt with hidden stitch on the shank, 100% handmade, semi-transparent light brown finish, simple oxford. I believe it will be definitely in the first RTW collection.

ps. inside those little points are the wooden pegs.


Patterns and the next surprise

Thanks for your comments and visiting my blog! Here is the teaser for the next present. If we reach over 1000 visitors for 3 days in a row (currently around 600), I release a complete upper pattern for a lady and a man shoe. The last will be available on the Internet to purchase and the ready made uppers for it as well.

How you can help me in it? Well, easily. Draw people’s attention to this craft and this blog. Talk about it on forums, personally, etc. This simple. Thanks in advance!