New plans and perspectives

So I have to admit – my activities about the last few months were around the upcoming DVD. I just realized that I posted too much about it, and much less about shoes. On the other hand it had a reason – “thanks” for an old sport injury, which didn’t let me put too much activity into shoemaking. Anyway, after a 3-4 times for few weeks in a hospital it is definitely better, so I will go back and create!

So: my plans:

1. New videos. I really think, that I need to archive what I know. Even if I don’t sell much, these documents will be important one day.

2. RTW. Finally. I have all the patterns, leathers, lasts –  ready, waiting on the selves to be made.

3. Teach. This is one of the most important projects. Some of my students progress really well. I am overbooked with students for the next year (sometimes I have some free spots, but they just won’t let me go to holiday.. 🙂 )

4. continue the apprenticeship program.  2 student every year can come for a complimentary 2 week course to my workshop. (soon more about it).

5. Release books and launch some new websites.

6. play more with my lab puppy.

3 thoughts on “New plans and perspectives

  1. 2 weeks free apprenticeship? Where do I sign up? 🙂

    Btw, any further thought on when you plan to head down to sunny Singapore? I have interested participants on hand but without any concrete plans from your side I can’t recruit more. They are asking me to hold a knowledge sharing course and I am considering it if you can’t make it down here..

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