Apprenticeship Course Program 2011

SO, news: one person cancelled participate in the 2011 apprenticeship course program (2 week complimentary study with me), so I have chosen an other person, who also applied for it. So, the winner is…..  Athan Chilton! Applause!

Contact me Athan, and let’s find out when you come!

9 thoughts on “Apprenticeship Course Program 2011

  1. (Big smile) I think maybe you mis-read my note about the apprenticeship, I was not applying for it. I do NOT think I’m ready for this experience yet. Maybe 2012 or 2013 I will be ready. I would love to do it but I will not come to Budapest until I have skills worth bringing, okay? I am honored to be invited but you should pick a more advanced student for 2011.

    1. yes I did but much more recently I decided I wasn’t nearly ready:) Don’t worry, I won’t back out now. Just need to scare up necessary funds… make some moccasins and sandals…hope to sell lots of glass beads over the holiday season…:)

  2. congratulations athan! don’t break all of our hearts and deny this opportunity! i don’t think you are going to fine tune these skills you speak of, until you apprentice marcel in budapest! do it for you and the summer portland class of 2010!

    1. Hi Jen, sorry I didn’t see your note till now–
      My recollection of the Portland class was that most everybody was doing MUCH better work than I was!! I do get so frustrated when my hands & eyes do not work as advertised 🙂 what a pity I did not start learning this Craft decades ago!! But I would not want to ‘let down’ the Portland crew…I did thoroughly enjoy seeing the city for the first time…hope I get to return one day!

  3. I really hope one day I’ll be able to attend one of your courses.In the meantime I enjoy your blog and hope to see more pics of your works and your classes.

  4. Hello all, I didn’t see some of your comments till now – I wonder why my computer didn’t notify me of follow-ups? I have taken all your advice & will overcome my trepidation of traveling so far by myself (no I am not scared Marcell will make me work hard, I KNOW he will!)

    I will likely be going in April 2011. Any of you that have been already, all comments on where you stayed, and the transportation to get to Koronya, would be much appreciated.

    And now…I want to comment on the Cemented Shoe DVD. We saw parts of this during the Portland class and I noted then the fine quality of the video. No annoying musical background, nothing to distract the eye from the close-up presentation of the work. I compliment the camera operator especially for being able to get in so close and Marcell for not letting his hands block the view of what he is doing. This could not have been easy to do. I have so far watched the Lasting section and already have been reminded of all sorts of little things I’d already forgotten…GET THIS DVD, if you haven’t got it already. Even without the booklet (which isn’t quite ready yet) this is a seriously valuable learning and reminder for all of us students still trying to remember “what do I do next? which way did those side reinforcements go? where do I put the first nails in when beginning to last?” And, oh yes, that swift movement of the side of the hammer along the inside of the insole, to make that all-important ‘line’ to aid in cutting off the excess when you can’t really ‘see’ the feather line of the last … For those who haven’t yet taken the Cemented Shoe course, this DVD promises to show you what is in store for you. For those of us who have taken the class, this is better than any textbook for review/reminder/understanding.

    Way to go, Marcell!!

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