24 thoughts on “SURPRISE – over

  1. Totally cool! Thank you for these patterns! Isn’t that good timing…I just was drawing some side counters 🙂

  2. These are very valuable, I made copies of these patterns while at your workshop and have used them to improve my craft.

  3. Thank you so much for this. While I’ve been studying the pattern making books I have, not a single one mentions side counters and how they should be shaped.

    This is all very useful if you know what it is, but don’t know exactly how to make it yourself!

    1. Well, this is not the part of the upper making and shoemakers have old patterns, and never really consider these as something to teach. It is just there.. and now here. For 1 more hour by the way…

  4. Hi, thanks for the patterns but I can’t figure out at what size to print them plese help me. I have tried everything photoshop, corel etc and I can’t find the right size to print them.

  5. Im going to my “leathershop” this afternoon, how much leather do I need for a pair of sandals? To layers leather sole? Any heel?

  6. I’d like to know wich material is needed to make a pair of sandals…wich kind of leather for example,and buckles and accessories?

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