Courses 2011

I have a rough schedule about the courses I plan to make in the next year. Most probably I will hold course in every, or every second month in Hungary, except those dates, when I travel. This year the plan is Finland, Singapore, USA and hopefully Canada.

Please, those guys who wish to come to the first Intensive Apprenticeship Program – register as soon as you can, the places are almost filled, we have only 4 left.

9 thoughts on “Courses 2011

  1. If someone is interested about this course in Finland, please contact me!

    Most propably it would happen in the summertime, maybe in July.

  2. When would you be coming to Singapore?

    I would be interested to attend the course. What would be the cost of it?

  3. Hi,
    I tried to email but it would not go through. I am interested in your month long apprenticeship program. When is the next one I can sign up for?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Marcell

    May i enquire if there is still vacancy for your first Intensive Apprenticeship Program? When are you coming to Singapore? I am a Singaporean and I am interested to learn shoemaking from you.


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