Plans for 2011

So.. Here is the year end again, and I have 3 days to think through what I want to to in the next year. (better if I don’t check what I planned for this year.. I know I didn’t finish all)

1. I wanna be a better shoemaker. Really. I know my mistakes and the fields to improve.

2. I will release at least 2 more videos, about: English welted construction and pegged. As a matter of fact I want to show more version from the English welt, so it will cost more time and effort than make only one pair.

3. I will continue my apprenticeship program and find a good design-technology school to cooperate with and make it official. Most probably not in Hungary.

4. I will develop my workshop. Bigger place, more students, more shoes.

5. I will definitely find a distributor in the US for my RTW line. (BTW believe or not: I made the first steps – lasts, patterns are ready)

New Stuff in the webshop – Lasting pincers

And why it is so important to me? Because lasting pincer is something what I just couldn’t get… I mean I could get the new, raw form, which is made for industrial use, and don’t show anything from the ergonomic (FYI: this word didn’t even exist, when this tool has been designed), stylish shape of the old tools. This stuff is not just a copy but we could get an access for the old molds, and convenience the old master to continue producing these. I worked on this project for more than a  year. And here it is: beautiful old shape, brand new lasting pincer.


Buy them here:



And some other stuff

apron. Simple, strong, cotton one – the same I used, when I was a student – and as a matter of fact I still use this type.


Buy it here:

Heel counters, toe puff and side counters.

Leather insoles

Pegging awl

Buy it here:


I always had a dream about a simple, pure pair, which don’t have anything special, only a simple black derby, no fancy chisel toe, pointy shape. This is a shoe, what kids would draw, if they are asked to do so.