Winter, isn’t it?

So serious kicks must come. These…

And some message to the cobbler, who will repair them:

And – with his permission – let me quote my customer:

You do good work, man. It’s a pleasure to be your client.”

Thanks! It is my pleasure. It is worth to be a shoemaker to have customers, like you, and make these boots!

4 thoughts on “Winter, isn’t it?

  1. Marcell,

    Those are beautiful. I’m going to try to make some hiking boots too. How are you ending the rubber bottom at the heel? Does it go slightly under the heel or just stop right at the heel breast?

    – Rick

  2. ooo…wish I had those this morning – sloshing through snow to set up at indoor market!! I want to make lace-up boots…any kind of boots!!

    I like the mini-shoes too. Definitely a collectible!

  3. Thanks again, Marcell.

    It’s been a very worthwhile and educational process to participate in the world of traditional, old-school craftsmanship. The adventures I’ve had going to Budapest and traveling in Hungary are ones I will remember for a lifetime. These boots will take me around the world and if they could talk, they stories they would be able to tell after the years would document my life. They’ve already got some ones you wouldn’t believe from Berlin and Norway. And I’ve only had them for six days.

    For about what people spend to get one bigger size of wheels on their Volkswagen, I have a rock solid of shit kickers that are exactly what I hoped for, and will last many, many years with just a bit of love and care. It’s not a luxury, it’s just the way it ought to be done.

    I look forward to our next project!

    All the best,

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