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And why it is so important to me? Because lasting pincer is something what I just couldn’t get… I mean I could get the new, raw form, which is made for industrial use, and don’t show anything from the ergonomic (FYI: this word didn’t even exist, when this tool has been designed), stylish shape of the old tools. This stuff is not just a copy but we could get an access for the old molds, and convenience the old master to continue producing these. I worked on this project for more than a  year. And here it is: beautiful old shape, brand new lasting pincer.


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And some other stuff

apron. Simple, strong, cotton one – the same I used, when I was a student – and as a matter of fact I still use this type.


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Heel counters, toe puff and side counters.

Leather insoles

Pegging awl

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