Insole Shape Construction with the Geometric Method

IMPORTANT: I do not approve to use this tutorial in any blogs, forums, websites  or any printed or broadcasted form. This is created only for personal educational purposes. Foot measurement is always a question I got from student. I know ways to measure feet, but somehow I always had to tell them, that you, as a shoemaker, not… Read More

Making a German Welt (hidden stitch) – Part I. Tutorial

Well, maybe – OK, likely –  it is only the name for this technique in our tradition, but for respect and comfort, I use this. German welt means a narrow, welted construction, which is more elegant than the English, which could transform into the industrial segment, called “goodyear”. I believe German stitch (or welt) is… Read More

Youtube again

Recently I haven’t checked my Youtube statistics, but today finally I convenienced myself to do so. It is amazing how many hit they have got..  Unfortunately Youtube (and by the way… not even WordPress…) doesn’t say a lot about the source of this traffic, but.. anyway.. I am happy to generate interest to this old… Read More