New Items on

Here some new stuff:

Welting awl.. As a matter of fact it was there since the launch of the site, I just forget to put it to a category, so never appeared. Now you can order it. Soon square awls and sizes will come. This one is good for welting and sole stitching as well.

Shanks. Many questions about them, so here they are.

2 thoughts on “New Items on

  1. Hi Marcel

    Thank you for doing this blog it is very informative and a great shoe making hub.

    I am actually trying to buy some tools from but can’t because there seems to be a problem with the shipping (to Australia). Do you ship here?
    I contacted the email provided but have not yet had a response.

    All the best!


  2. I have the same problem. It’s like you have to know the ‘funny handshake’ to find anything. The U.S. w on’t send stuff and no one here will tell me where they got their gear. Good Luck. (if you have any friends who live in the U.S. maybe they can send things to you)
    p.s. Someone told me that it is because they don’t have the same sort of postal service we have.

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