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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

1. Lasting pincers

One of the most important tool. This one is hand made in Hungary. Old shaped, ergonomic shape.

2. Shoemaker’s Hammer – its head is also hand forged. The handle can also be used for smoothing surfaces.

3. Knives

Razor sharp, good for skiving, sole trimming, and  plenty other jobs. There are curved and straight ones.

4. Rasp

This tools has a story. Made by one of the last rasp-maker by hand. We have very limited amount from these, since this tool maker is too old to make more.

5. Awl – hardwood handle, sharp tip.

6. Sharpening stone – one of your best friends in the workshop. Without them, how could you KEEP YOUR KNIVES SHARP?! (Those who have attended my courses know what this means.)

7. Channel knife – hand forged metal, hardwood handle.

8. Feather knife – same.

9. Bone folder – made of cow bone, slightly curvy.

10. Measuring tape – precise work pays off.

Measuring tape

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