Toolkit for Making Welted Shoes

1. Lasting pincers

One of the most important tool. This one is hand made in Hungary. Old shaped, ergonomic shape.

2. Shoemaker’s Hammer – its head is also hand forged. The handle can also be used for smoothing surfaces.

3. Knives

Razor sharp, good for skiving, sole trimming, and  plenty other jobs. There are curved and straight ones.

4. Rasp

This tools has a story. Made by one of the last rasp-maker by hand. We have very limited amount from these, since this tool maker is too old to make more.

5. Awl – hardwood handle, sharp tip.

6. Sharpening stone – one of your best friends in the workshop. Without them, how could you KEEP YOUR KNIVES SHARP?! (Those who have attended my courses know what this means.)

7. Channel knife – hand forged metal, hardwood handle.

8. Feather knife – same.

9. Bone folder – made of cow bone, slightly curvy.

10. Measuring tape – precise work pays off.

Measuring tape

More info and prices visit:

23 thoughts on “Toolkit for Making Welted Shoes

  1. I wish we could spend the first day or so of my 2 weeks just working on ‘how to sharpen knives’!!

    If the knife isn’t sharp, you can’t do any work!!

  2. Dear Sirs,

    I need to buy you Channel Knife an others tools hand made shoes.

    Best regards,

    Diego Escobar M.
    Santiago Chile.

  3. Dear Sirs,
    I need buy to Knife Channel and others to hand made shoes tools,
    Please quotation and channel to send me.

    Best regards,

    Diego Escobar M.

  4. Hi

    Do you have a tutorial on channel cutting for a fiddleback type sole. I have a geo Barnsley channel cutter but not sure how to use it. I usually grove a channel, maybe the channel cutter tool avalible here will be easier? When is the store back open.


  5. Hi, how are you? I’ve checked your website, it’s still down. =(

    Please let me know if there’s any other method that I can purchase the tools from you. I need to purchase a couple of tools. Thank you so much and I look forward to hear from you soon. Have a good one!


  6. Dear All,
    I want to know the name of a tool made of metal, which the vendor uses to fit shoes (by stretching) onto the customers feet without touching the leather shoes. I belong to a small town which had a British Cantonment. The tradition of hand made shoes lives here even now…. I happen to see this tool every now and then.
    Thank you

  7. Hi is there any way that I could buy a channel knife. I’ve looked all over the net and can’t find them anywhere??? You are about the only person on that I can find that has them.

  8. iam in nigeria i make all kind of shoe locally but now am trying to improve my skill but know one to bring me up i need serious asistant.

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