A Little more about German Welt

Let’s call it bonus material and generously don’t realize that it is part of the project, OK? Finishing the German Welt, needs a special sole edge and also a decoration wheel, what English shoemakers call fudge wheel (because it considered to show fake stitch marks). So, let’s start from here…

We cut the welt a little angle down. (do you remember the csoss section? Then find it)

And refine it…

We have a special rasp for it..

trim the heel top edge straight

Cool, isn’t it?

and use the same rasp

Push it back to its place

and pre-form with a special iron.

use a piece of glass on the sole edge

…before you pre-form it. (did you realize how cool trick it is?)

Shining like glass.

Apply water

And form the shank

then turn the shank iron upside down and work on the top

bone folder


did you realise how nice when the heel meets the shank? These small details make your work nice. You just don’t find these details on industrial shoes..

Design the places for the brass nails..

and punch them to their places. Straight.

Then details…

start to paint…

yeah.. small brush..

when it dries, I used a fine sandpaper to sand it back a bit. Woodworkers know this trick. ( But you can’t do it with all the paints.)

And apply a second coat

We have a nice semi transparent brown, which shows the leather layers.

Wax, ironing…

And ready! Note that sexy thin sole edge – this is so characteristic with the german welt technic.

Now, it is really …                        THE END

8 thoughts on “A Little more about German Welt

  1. You are a really great shoemaker marcell! I am really impressed to see the variety of constructions you can beautifully perform.
    This is a pleasure to follow your blog!

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