Skiving Tutorial – Heel Counter

What should I say first about it? Should a talk about the REALY sharp knife what is needed a lot? If you don’t pay enough attention sharpening it, it will make your life miserable.. Or should I start talking about the right technique, which is also important? Well.. Skiving is one of the first thing what you have to learn, when you start to make shoes. Normally it is a whole week project, but in the intensive courses, we can’t spend more than a day or a few hours with it.

Anyway… there are one one good advice I can give: get a good (preferably curved) knife and practice. You will find your own way to achieve good result. Good skiving is the basic to create good shaped shoes and you just can’t miss it.

I would suggest this order when you start this procedure.


Stuff I used:


Toe puffs and heel counters

Curved knife

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