Interview on vanishing crafts?

Recently someone called me if I could take part in a show featuring some the vanishing crafts. For the moment i said, ok, why not? Let’s do it! Then I started to think: if I give an interview on this topic, it would mean I admit to the fact my craft is vanishing, moreover, whatever I do in my life is probably is useless. I don’t want admit it. I doing my best to keep this craft alive by teaching people, making videos, collecting everything I can afford and can store. I constantly try to prove that handmade shoes are better than the factory made stuff. It would be even worse if they edited the interview to make me seem as the last master of a vanishing craft, being sad about his sad life (it has happened before).
Hell, no! That is not me! I can also have a say about it right? Don’t just make a few shoes, complaining that the crafts are disappearing, no more education, bla bla bla, but act! We are still here, we can do something about it, and instead of crying on television.

Shoemaking shouldn’t disappear.

Whaaaat? A Sport shoe in a traditional workshop?

Oh, yes! Why not? Who said anyway, that us shoemakers can only produce dress shoes? So, the story: My nephew complained that after he’s spent some time in the workshop, he just can’t find good shoes in the stores… I kind of understand that. I wouldn’t too… 🙂 Anyway, I offered him, why doesn’t he design a shoe – whatever he wants for himself, and make them with my assistance? He accepted my offer, we have chosen the last and made a pattern, upper… and he lasted the shoes. From this point we were just lucky – I have founded a pair of soles in the corner which were more or less OK. So after some adjustments, they fit perfectly, even matching the style. A little bit sporty, but still sharp looking, fit perfectly, and what is even more important: healthy. They are made (except the sole certainly) from veg-tanned leather only. They can be worn all day long.

And now I am going back to dress shoes. 🙂