Tutorial: Making a Suede Woman Boot

I started to make some boots to my girlfriend, who was continuously complain that she hasn’t got enough footwear from the workshop… (BTW can any woman read define me, what you ladies mean “enough” if it is about footwear? 🙂 ) Never mind, so after the red high heel this is the new piece – a grey, low heel suede boot.

This is all photos we made from the process, sorry about it.

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Making a Suede Woman Boot

  1. I absolutely had to comment on this blog, just for the fact that I have made the same comment to my husband, who owns a company (Ethos Custom Brands) that builds custom handmade boots as well as other leather products. The comment I often make is “when are you going to make me another pair of boots” and “here is exactly what I want.” My requests do not go un-noted, but they are put in line behind the “paying customers.” 🙂 Love your blog. Looks exactly like what I see my husband do, day after day!

    1. Well, paying customers makes the company profitable, on the other hand the pleasure on her face and the compliments she got is also important. Tell your husband, that you absolutely need those boots, just he needs food, clean clothes… 😉

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