Brown, Suede Budapester

The Budapester had a long history. It originates from the time when shoemakers in Vienna and Budapest competed with each other, each city selected a signature model to perfect it. It’s a common mistake that the Budapester is a certain model. There were many lines, different solutions on patterns, but 2 things must be the same: wingtip and open laces.

This is my latest contribution to this “contest” (I wish that I could learn from those guys!).

So, what do we have to (well, we don’t have to..) know about this shoes? Brown suede, double goiser, spinning stitch, deep topline, half transparent edge finish…

And the sock lining is made with a small extra leather piece from a different color. Style, nothing else.

3 thoughts on “Brown, Suede Budapester

  1. They are a lovely pair of shoes Marcell. What was the shoe that the Viennese shoemakers specialised in? Can you show an example?

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