Whaaaat? A Sport shoe in a traditional workshop?

Oh, yes! Why not? Who said anyway, that us shoemakers can only produce dress shoes? So, the story: My nephew complained that after he’s spent some time in the workshop, he just can’t find good shoes in the stores… I kind of understand that. I wouldn’t too… 🙂 Anyway, I offered him, why doesn’t he design a shoe – whatever he wants for himself, and make them with my assistance? He accepted my offer, we have chosen the last and made a pattern, upper… and he lasted the shoes. From this point we were just lucky – I have founded a pair of soles in the corner which were more or less OK. So after some adjustments, they fit perfectly, even matching the style. A little bit sporty, but still sharp looking, fit perfectly, and what is even more important: healthy. They are made (except the sole certainly) from veg-tanned leather only. They can be worn all day long.

And now I am going back to dress shoes. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Whaaaat? A Sport shoe in a traditional workshop?

  1. Sweet…nice to see that shoemakers can make other shoes as well. Nice lines. Sole very interesting..is the sole unit cut in that much? The heel-wedge is certainly differnt to come up that much to form sole.

  2. I love those shoes! Wow, your nephew is so lucky to be able to be in the workshop. I wish I could fly on over for an apprenticeship — maybe one day I can! Beautiful!

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