Interview on vanishing crafts?

Recently someone called me if I could take part in a show featuring some the vanishing crafts. For the moment i said, ok, why not? Let’s do it! Then I started to think: if I give an interview on this topic, it would mean I admit to the fact my craft is vanishing, moreover, whatever I do in my life is probably is useless. I don’t want admit it. I doing my best to keep this craft alive by teaching people, making videos, collecting everything I can afford and can store. I constantly try to prove that handmade shoes are better than the factory made stuff. It would be even worse if they edited the interview to make me seem as the last master of a vanishing craft, being sad about his sad life (it has happened before).
Hell, no! That is not me! I can also have a say about it right? Don’t just make a few shoes, complaining that the crafts are disappearing, no more education, bla bla bla, but act! We are still here, we can do something about it, and instead of crying on television.

Shoemaking shouldn’t disappear.

3 thoughts on “Interview on vanishing crafts?

  1. What you’re doing on the site and in teaching people is really great. I’ve heard this from others who’ve taken your course.

    If it were a dying craft people wouldn’t be taking your workshops or reading your blog!


  2. Is it a shrinking craft? Perhaps – but as craft practices shrink, they become more valuable. If it were a dying craft, people wouldn’t be paying steep prices for a pair of shoes. There will always be people (perhaps only a small number, but that’s the point) who admire well made goods. You can be proud to know you’re carrying on a great tradition – and as Dan says, people wouldn’t be coming from all over the world to study with you if it was dying, would they?!

  3. I’ve mentioned to a few people who I know well and some others I’m just acquaintances with that I’m going to learn about shoemaking.

    All of them think it’s interesting and then they almost always talk about how bad their shoes are or how they have a problem with their shoes etc..

    I really don’t know anything about shoemaking yet but the other day I did an outline of my feet and the sole of a pair of shoes I have. One foot is proportional to the sole and the other foot is very disproportionate – so I’m just one of many who really don’t have shoes made for my feet!

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