Handmade? Not handmade?

Well, this topic is in my plans for a long time… As a matter of fact for almost 3 year when someone asked me on a certain forum, how he can make the difference between the real handmade and the fake one. This is one of the most difficult question. If I would want to give a short answer, I would say: “Sir, if you haven’t spent several months in a shoemaker workshop, you just can’t”… But this wouldn’t be nice and very informative. (Listen shoemakers: educate our customers, is our – very important – job!) Let me start.

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Ready To Wear – DONE

I promise RTW line for ages – here is the first prototype. It will be available as soon as I find a distributor. Until then enjoy the pics.

What should we know about this shoe?

  • veg-tanned leather outsole, heel, welt insole and stiffeners (mostly JR)
  • 6 eyelets whole cut, with deep topline for the elegance and better comfort
  • entirely hand-made in Budapest, Hungary
  • …and its all made by me, Marcell Mrsan, master shoemaker

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OK. What the hell is this?

I could put my hand on some old lasts from Texas, Austin. It wasn’t an easy job, I had to ask some help from my friend, Eustace, but finally they are here. No, this is nothing extraordinary until now – I get lasts, much more than I need – on the photos they look attractive, special… and sometimes they really are.

These ones were just awesome. Beautiful form, antique, but really refined look, and… unfortunately some self-appointed artist made them dirty with some ugly paint. Come on… noting is saint to you guys out there? These things are part of a vanishing craft’s history! they are nice, as they are.. I mean I don’t have anything against preserving them as decoration… but this? Why? Pink flowers on a 50-60 years old last, plus a fake crystal? Really this is art?


Anyway.. now this old guy will have a second chance to make boots. I will clean them, and make copies in different sizes. ┬áMaking boots on them – that is art.

Two of my highly respected bootmakers:

Lee Miller and read about him

Lisa Sorell and here



ps. I respect art. I mean I respect art which creates thing and not just try to shock (like breaking a 5000 years old vase) or destruct. Painting an old, beautiful last counts to be destruction in my eyes.