Ready To Wear – DONE

I promise RTW line for ages – here is the first prototype. It will be available as soon as I find a distributor. Until then enjoy the pics.

What should we know about this shoe?

  • veg-tanned leather outsole, heel, welt insole and stiffeners (mostly JR)
  • 6 eyelets whole cut, with deep topline for the elegance and better comfort
  • entirely hand-made in Budapest, Hungary
  • …and its all made by me, Marcell Mrsan, master shoemaker

Some details

9 thoughts on “Ready To Wear – DONE

  1. What is your price point? Do you have a line sheet, catalog? Whats is your opening order and delivery time frame?

    I have some people I can talk to about this, I see it as a luxury service/item offered in stores like Neimans or Bergdof.

    Let me know what your plans are, I love the high quality hand made look, I think it will sell (at the right price) 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I have been following your work for sometime, and I know the quality that you apply on your work and also the materials. I would like to represent you to my clientelle.
    We’re a shoe shine and repair company that goes into the largest corporation in NYC, as you can see in my website. Most of my clients are sofisticated and like high quality shoes. I would like to be the mediator between my client and you.

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