A New, Interesting Story about Lasts

I have an obsession for miniature shoes, lasts – apparently not only me, but some other makers also, who created beautiful small masterpieces. So, yesterday I asked my lastmaker to create some rough wood pieces, so I can make it on my own.

But let the pictures talk.

5 thoughts on “A New, Interesting Story about Lasts

  1. Thank you, thank you for the step by step photos. They really make all the subtle planes of a fashion last obvious. Roughed out on a band saw, finished with rotary rasp and sanding drum I presume?

    I especially love the hand holding the tiny work of art photo!

  2. Nice work…what is the size of miniature shoes/lasts?
    How small do you make them? Only a guess…but I
    imagine they are about 15 centimetres. This would
    be a child’s size shoe. I suppose, this would be the
    smallest accurate, detailed real shoe (wearable) could

    In my mind, a miniature shoe would be the size of a
    doll’s shoe. Saying all this…miniatures really show the
    skill of the maker, as the details & accuracy are
    highlighted..given the small area.

    Best wishes

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