Two new guys in the workshop

First – a crab-lasting pincer, coming from the States directly. Why do I need this? Well, why I need the other 5 hundred tools, hmm? Addiction I must admit. But anyway, since I was a student I always wanted to have one – just I would love to have a green Jaguar XJ6 (that still a dream), but this dream was accessible.

This old tool is good for lasting the shank part, which is usually a problem for even factories. To have a good grip on the medial part is an art, so the lateral side can go asymmetric – which is kind of normal and traditional –  but what I mean is out of this standard. The medial part sometimes just can’t go that tight (there are trick to avoid it by the way). This guy can solve this problem as you see.

And an other thing I wanted to have for ages.

You want to guess what it is for? let’s play again.. 🙂

A new bespoke pair

I have been really busy recently making my prototypes, introducing RTW models and making some courses this summer.

Well, it doesn’t mean that I am not available to my customers, so here is a sample of my recent work – cap-toe oxford, 5 eyelets (smart choice!), french boxcalf upper, full JR sole – heel counter – toe puff, etc.. everything, and a happy customer in them.

June Courses: FULL!

All courses in June (prototype making and shoes design) is full. I evaluate it as a great success and appreciation from our students. Guys, I promise, I will do my best to help you to make your dreams come true!

On the other hand: please do not send more enquiry about it – I might suggest to consider July course, which will be the last in this year, as it seems.

New, additional course in July, held in Budapest, Hungary.

Due to student requests, we have decided to add one more month to this semester’s schedule. However, the number of maximum applicants are reduced to 6 person/course.

July will be all about basic shoe making:

4th-8th July (5 days): Basic Men’s Shoe Making Course – Derby design

11th-15th July (5 days): Basic Women’s Shoe Making – Stiletto or balerina shoes

Due to time limits, there won’t be field trips involved. So these are as intensive as the ones held in the States last year. An important notice: there are a lot of things happening around me in my professional life. Which means I’m not yet sure when the following semester at Koronya Shoemaking School will begin. I would really like to carry on with these courses, but the time and location are still not yet definite.

Anyway, one thing is for sure: there will be courses in July, and I’m happy to teach anyone interested in learning my craft. You know the deal: genuine, handmade techniques combined with straightforward and intensive learning process.

Apply and reserve your spot at the Koronya workshop as soon as possible!

Courses in July

There will be 2 more courses in 4-9, and 11-15 of July – most probably the last ones for a while.

First one: Men’s beginner, second: woman beginner (you can choose high heel or flat)

Details come soon.

Looking for a Distributor

Well, the Ready to Wear line is ready. I can’t believe that I will ever write this sentence down in the near future, but I just did. I still have to solve a lot of problems, like make a good shoe-box, find a reliable  and reasonable priced tree-maker, and so on, but everything else is done. From now I am looking for a small store – hopefully somewhere in downtown Manhattan, maybe in Madison Avenue – and start to sell my products.

What do you think?