June Courses: FULL!

All courses in June (prototype making and shoes design) is full. I evaluate it as a great success and appreciation from our students. Guys, I promise, I will do my best to help you to make your dreams come true! On the other hand: please do not send more enquiry about it – I might… Read More

Courses in July

There will be 2 more courses in 4-9, and 11-15 of July – most probably the last ones for a while. First one: Men’s beginner, second: woman beginner (you can choose high heel or flat) Details come soon.

Looking for a Distributor

Well, the Ready to Wear line is ready. I can’t believe that I will ever write this sentence down in the near future, but I just did. I still have to solve a lot of problems, like make a good shoe-box, find a reliable  and reasonable priced tree-maker, and so on, but everything else is… Read More