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First – a crab-lasting pincer, coming from the States directly. Why do I need this? Well, why I need the other 5 hundred tools, hmm? Addiction I must admit. But anyway, since I was a student I always wanted to have one – just I would love to have a green Jaguar XJ6 (that still a dream), but this dream was accessible.

This old tool is good for lasting the shank part, which is usually a problem for even factories. To have a good grip on the medial part is an art, so the lateral side can go asymmetric – which is kind of normal and traditional –  but what I mean is out of this standard. The medial part sometimes just can’t go that tight (there are trick to avoid it by the way). This guy can solve this problem as you see.

And an other thing I wanted to have for ages.

You want to guess what it is for? let’s play again.. 🙂

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