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Monthly Archives: July 2011

She created that Swarowski dcoration on the toe – I would have suiggested a bit higher, but I must admit, that it looks really good there too. BTW it is a Hungarian floral motif.

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A few months ago I made a prototyping and a design course, so before that I ordered a few pairs of sandal parts (40 to be exact). Unfortunately it hasn’t arrived, so…

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if you don’t mind…

It is a bit too many pics, so I just insert a gallery here – forgive me for that, but WordPress is not too friendly, if you want to post long tutorials, and I just don’t have long hours for this post. I believe you will understand it anyway.

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Attach the metal shank and the bottom fillers. Yes the metal shank is a must – you don’t want to make a shoe which collapses after a few times on your customer’s foot, right?

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There are fresh, new wooden last on the webstore! Here they are – be quick, if you want them, because I can’t replace any, as I will leave Hungary in a few weeks.

Lasts at the webshop




Norwegian is not a welted construction – now you can see why… Because there is no welt. This simple. On the other hand it looks pretty much the same, than Goiser – only the welt is the small difference.

Remove the nails – the next 10 centimeters.

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Trim it back to the holdfast… then …

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