New Tools

My addiction to tools.. is sick.. almost. I can admit. I love tools, I love their untold stories about old, forgottent workshops, old, long gone craftsmen and miraculous shoes, they made in professional hands. I have a lot of tools from my family, my great-great-grandfather, my grandfather -those are family relics, I don’t own them, I… Read More


I haven’t added yet a little piece of information about my past, my family history, my story. This is an important piece, the reason I could finish my trade school, my schools later and the reason I call my brand Koronya… and this reason is my grandma. She helped me, my family a lot.. and… Read More


Don’t worry. They will be. I can promise. You didn’t miss any “boat”. I love shoemaking and I have a job: preserve this craft – so I will teach, even more than until now. Give me some time to settle down in the United States, and I promise I will find a chance to teach… Read More

The K model

  Did you know that the Ford T model invention involved two Hungarian names? Let me quote from wikipedia: The Ford Model T car was designed by Childe Harold Wills and two Hungarian immigrants, Joseph A. Galamb[10] and Eugene Farkas.[11] Henry Love, C. J. Smith, Gus Degner and Peter E. Martin were also part of the team.[12] While production of the Model T… Read More