12 thoughts on “OK. This is big. I am moving to the United States soon

  1. I wish you success in your new direction and new country. We’ll miss you in Europe! I wonder how the American students are going to take to the old-world teaching techniques… 😉

  2. Boo -Hoo…not fair to all the others 😉 Congratulations…hope you will not only at university but give other unfortunates a chance to learn from you too?

    All the best for the future…& just keep making shoes yourself 😉

  3. Oh my. Aren’t we fortunate? Will you be doing any intensives outside your university position? May I ask where? I’ll cross my fingers that it’s close. Too bad I’ll miss a trip to Budapest.

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the United States! I hope you’ll help keep alive the art and science of traditional shoe-making here. Will you continue to have a blog though? Perhaps on your university’s website?

  5. I just realized that the earlier post mentioned SCAD!! Not close to me but one of the epicenters of creativity in the US, not to mention Savannah is one of the coolest (except not their weather) cities in the country. Congratulations! You will be greatly appreciated there.

  6. Wow! Concratulations!
    But what happens to your workshop in Budapest now? Or your beautiful dog, is she moving with you guys? 🙂

  7. Oh my god! Fantastic! Congratulations!
    Lucky students, you are a fantastic teacher, i’m really pleased for you x

  8. Selfishly, I am very pleased you will be closer. I was in the UK for a few years but didn’t discover you until visa issues forced me to return to the US. I hope someday to study with you!

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