Don’t worry. They will be. I can promise. You didn’t miss any “boat”. I love shoemaking and I have a job: preserve this craft – so I will teach, even more than until now. Give me some time to settle down in the United States, and I promise I will find a chance to teach classic, and apprenticeship courses. Take my word.

11 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Will you still keep open?

    I was looking forward to those ballet flats lasts you mentioned in an earlier post.

  2. Hi,

    Does this mean your courses in Budapest are history? I was hoping to come to your next courses here. If you’re gone for good, do you happen to know any other like-minded courses in central Europe?

    Thanks and please have my respect for what you are doing.


  3. Hi
    I’d like to undertake the course, wherever possible- USA or Hungary. So whats the process and it is possible this year?

  4. Hi, would you by any chance conduct a class in Malaysia? I’m interested in taking up the course but can’t seem to find any schools teaching shoe-making craft. Thank you…

  5. Mr.Marcell, i’m from Malaysia too. i’m interested in taking up the traditional handmande shoe course. do you offer such course? how do i apply?

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