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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

I haven’t added yet a little piece of information about my past, my family history, my story. This is an important piece, the reason I could finish my trade school, my schools later and the reason I call my brand Koronya… and this reason is my grandma.

She helped me, my family a lot.. and there were a lot of room for that help, as we were really poor, my father left us, when I was 2 and a lonely mom could use that help even in the socialist times. I spent most of the summers with my grandparents in Nagykanizsa (the city in the southwestern part of Hungary, the place where the Koronya family comes from). When I went to trade school, I visited her almost every afternoon, sometimes weekends. She was an inspiration, a personal guide, a kind af life coach, if I can use these modern words. She taught me about my family heritage, the history of Koronya family, the leathercraft story. (It is really odd – I attended a shoemaking trade school, and I wasn’t aware that my family has a long history in leathercraft.) She was born in 1915 in Pacsa, Hungary, and met my grandfather there, married him, when she was 23 – just before the second World War. They were together until my beloved grandpa died in 1983, then alone for a long time. Now she went after her beloved husband, leaving us here. At least I know my job – continue my craft, make shoes and teach.

Words and especially my English words are not enough to describe how important she was for me.

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