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A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

My addiction to tools.. is sick.. almost. I can admit. I love tools, I love their untold stories about old, forgottent workshops, old, long gone craftsmen and miraculous shoes, they made in professional hands. I have a lot of tools from my family, my great-great-grandfather, my grandfather -those are family relics, I don’t own them, I am just borrowing them from my grandkids.

These ones has lost their history, most probably they are also family relics from a family whic has forgot its past (how sad it is!). Anyway, they found a new home, I am more than happy to provide them a warm home and a lot of new shoes to make… and I won’t forget about you – I will make a 100% exact copy for my student from all of them. yeah… it takes time. Patience is a virtue.

6 beautiful piece of edge iron – a full set. I have around 4-500 from this, but never had this impeccable ones in a set.

And guess when they were made? Hope you are sitting… 1909.

A box, full with beauties..


Heel edge decoration wheel. Adjustable and the wheel is interchangeable.

A lip knife from Mr. Don Carlos. Sir. Thanks for your nice work… .(kidding, it was a factory)

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