Norwegian Sewn Tutorial – Part IV.

Norwegian is not a welted construction – now you can see why… Because there is no welt. This simple. On the other hand it looks pretty much the same, than Goiser – only the welt is the small difference.

Remove the nails – the next 10 centimeters.

Open the lasting allowance,

And apply water. (if you don’t have: two part hydrogen one part oxygen – mix them well)

Mark a line for the stitches. There is no second chance when you screw up with the awl. Be precise – make hole, then trust the others will be on the same level.

Then start stitching!

ooops… one tiny detail: we need an other thread.

for this:

I hope it won’t be your first pair, because you won’t make more after this… It is a challenge for professionals to handle that many threads in the same time, and make a nice work… actually you can make something similar with only one thread.. maybe once I will show that too.

And the end. The tricky part.. you make a double stitch – over the first one.


Done. Happy.

4 thoughts on “Norwegian Sewn Tutorial – Part IV.

  1. Beautiful, like a decorative embroidery stitch. Does the stitch attach the upper directly to the insole? That is not clear to me, though it does appear to.

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