I am in the USA

We are arrived already! We were delayed everywhere, so it took 36 hours to ger her, lost luggage, heart attack, and plenty run was involved, but at the end we are here in Savannah.

Just a funny story to mention: we got into a cab, and asked the cab driver about the weather… Then realized that he has an accent – guess where he was from? Yeah! Hungary! So the first taxi trip felt we came home.

Until now everything OK, only small issues with the food and mineral water.

Btw… One of the luggage which was almost lost, contained my most precious tools. You can (can’t) imagine what I felt in that half hour.

Shoes in Nude Color

I guess this title will generate some interest from google, hmm? Anyway – the point is: this color is called “nude”, which refers to the shade of it, but whatever it is called – looks really fresh and sexy. (on the other hand I didn’t like too much the patent leather)

Norwegian – Done

One of the last shoes I could finish before I leave to teach and live in the United States.


Painting is in progress


First layer of wax


Second layer – before the final polish



Traditional triangle nail finish on the bottom.


And.. antiqued on the toe and heel, stylish shoelaces (took me several minutes to make)

If you are wondering, what is the box at the background – yes, tools. Again. 🙂